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Ban appeal required template [READ BEFORE POSTING]
This template is required for us to even look at your ban appeal.
Replace our example info with your info.
If you need any info for the appeal, such as why or when you were banned you can Go here and look up your ban.1

if you don't know your steam ID you can go here

IGN: FluffyMcFluffFluff
SteamID: STEAM_1:0:44161003
Game: Garry's Mod - DarkRP
Reason for ban? I pooped on BlueFoot's Foot's.
Why Should we unban you:? I really love the server, and I want to help it grow into a thriving community.
I also promise never to poop on @BlueFoot's Foot's again, it was a mistake and I meant no harm doing it.
When did the ban take place? Last week, June 5th, 2019
Heart Eat my ass Heart
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