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Genetics Basics
This is my little tutorial on how to genetics, I will add to this tut as I llearn more.

to turn a monkey human find the monkified mutation, take the first entry and change it to something that breaks the pattern.

ex. A-T, G-C, G-C, T-A

You'd want to replace A-T with T-C or anything to break the pattern

that makes the monkey human.

The next step is to discover mutations.

click a random mutation and fill in the X's

you will see multiple pairs with one letter filled out, you want to fill out the X's with a pair first.

A goes with T and C goes with G and like wise the other way.

now that you've filled out the X's with a letter already filled you want to look at the X's

you can use Joker and it fills out one of the x's but you can only use joker once per console from my experience.

you can use your genome scanner tool to click on people, and it will give you some extras for the mutations.

Remember that if you have too many good enhancements you will explode.
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