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Server Rules
These are the rules that are to be followed while playing on our Space Station 13 Server(s)


       1. Enforcement of these rules is at the discretion of admins.

              Admins are fully accountable for any consequences should they invoke this rule. Admins are also allowed to intervene in rounds
              When it is in the best interest of the playerbase.

        2. Don't be a dick.

                We're all here to have a good time, supposedly. Going out of your way to seriously negatively impact or end the round
                For someone with little IC justification is against the rules, this also includes harassing a player OOC (Out of character).
                Legitimate conflicts where people get upset do happen however, as detailed in the escalation section of the rules.

        3. Do not use information gained outside of in character means.

                I.e.. metagaming. This especially refers to communication between players outside of the game via things like Discord,
                Known as metacomms. Characters are otherwise allowed to know everything about ingame mechanics or antagonists, as well
                As keep persistent friendships or relationships with other characters  when not for the purpose of unfair advantage by
                Teaming up together for little IC reason.

        4. Do not say in character (IC) things in the out of character (OOC) chat channel.

                  Do not say OOC things in IC either. There is an exception for OOC in IC where terms like 'clickdrag X to Y, or look for
                  The tab' is used to help a player. If you abuse the OOC chat, we will remove it.

        5. Lone antagonists can do whatever they want.

                  Short of metagaming/comms, bug/exploit abuse, erotic/creepy stuff, OOC in IC or IC in OOC, and spawn-camping arrivals or
                  Anything else listed in these rules.Team antagonists can do whatever they want as per lone antagonists, as long as it
                  Doesn’t harm their team. Non-antagonists can do whatever they want to antagonists as per lone antagonists, but non-antagonists
                  Are not allowed to pre-emptively search for, hinder or otherwise seek conflict with antagonists without reasonable prior cause.
                  Non-antags acting like an antag, although not against the rules can indeed be treated as an antag in the eyes of the law.

          6. In-game administration rulings are final.

                  Incidences of admin abuse, negligence or disputed rulings can be taken in the appropriate sections on this forum. If an admin
                  Says something was 'looked into, handled, resolved' etc, regarding an issue, it is unlikely an admin will provide any further
                  Information. Admins are under no obligation to reveal IC information. Deliberately lying or misrepresenting facts in
                  Adminhelps will be dealt with harshly. If you do wish to have your ban removed after a long punishment however, you can do so
                  In the bans section of the forum.

          7. If you regularly come close to breaking the rules without actually breaking them, it will be treated as the rules being broken.

                  Repeated instances of the same rules being broken may be met with harsher consequences. Baiting people into situations where
                  You can report them to admins will be dealt with harshly.

          8. Erotic/creepy stuff is not allowed nor tolerated.

                  No form of erotic roleplay is allowed on the servers, including things that could be construed as sexual by unwilling

          9. Losing is part of the game.

                  Your character will frequently die, sometimes without even a possibility of avoiding it. Events will often be out of your
                  control. No matter how good or prepared you are, sometimes you just lose, don't be a sore loser, or a sore winner.
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