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Various Useful Xenobio Extracts and Crossbreeds
Hello all! I'd thought i'd share my knowledge of xenobio. This won't be a guide but a list of useful extracts and crossbreeds. This is by no means exhaustive and there maybe better stuff than what i list, if I list something and you know of something bette or another good crossbread/extract, tell me! (this guide will only be for stuff that is in the game)

Industrial Gray

What it does:

Produces 5 monkey cubes per 2 units of plasma.

Why its good:

Industrial Grays are VERY good for monkey cubes, as when it says "per 2 units of plasma" thats not the cap. You can put a filled syringe of plasma (15u) and get a LOT of monkey cubes, this is further made better when you add a Recurring dark purple (more on that later)
UPDATE: I now realize that due to all the monkey cubes this makes, you can use Reproductive extracts to help not be stretched on cubes.

Stabilized Purple

What it does:

Provides a slow regeneration effect.

Why its good:

With the reputation cobby chems has its a good idea to have one of these incase you need healing, as there are no draw backs to the regen effect. It also heals slime people!

Charged Yellow

What it does:

Creates a charged 20MJ slime cell, which auto-recharges 1.5 times faster than the non-crossbreed counterpart

Why its good:

A self-charging battery is always good, especially for mechs! It might be a better idea to give borgs and acps a regular yellow core insted of the crossbread

Chilling Blue

What it does:

Creates a breath mask which doesn't need a tank, and works no matter what air you breathe!

Why its good:

For the space explorer, this works in space so you don't need to carry extra tanks.

Industrial Orange and Black

What they do:

(Orange) Produces a fancy slime zippo lighter for 6 units of plasma

(Black)Produces a fancy pack of regenerative, slime-brand cigarettes for 6 units of plasma.

Why they are good:

Orange is only really a complement to Black, but the Black cigs contain regenerative jelly, which heals everything and doesn't hurt slime people

Stabilized Black

What it does:

While strangling someone, your hands melt around their neck, draining their life in exchange for food and healing

Why its good:

Again,not heaving to deal with cobby chems is nice, but for slime people it helps give them nutrition which also helps with getting more blood to create extra bodys.

Stablilized Metal

What it does

Every 30 seconds, adds a sheet of material to a random stack in your inventory.

Why its good

If you think its not good think again, just because its a random stack doesn't mean you can't just put a single stack of what you want in your inventory.
This is VERY useful for rare materials (such as bananaium, honk!), so it can be a good idea to get one stack of a needed material and just remove all but one to make more.


What it does:

Recurring extracts act like a normal extract, but gain an extra use every few seconds, as long as you don't use it up!

Why its good:

For some slimes, having one of these removes the need to make more of them! Such as adamantine or dark purple. Special note to dark purple, as you can get a lot of plasma by using a dropper and putting it to 1u, allowing you to get 3 bars of plasma for 1 drop of plasma! Another good slime for Recurring is Red, as you should only really need it for speed potions.

Reproductive, kinda

What it does:

They can be fed 3 Monkey Cubes either by hand or with a biobag, and then they produce 1-4 normal extracts of their color!
If you're making a lot of crossbreeds of one type, making these is really convenient.

Why it CAN be good:

Personally I don't use these but I see how they can help in some areas, such as getting Stabilized or Charged.
HOWEVER, I CAN NOT recommend them for monkey cube production since they take monkey cubes and you need the cubes for the console.
And on another note NEVER MAKE A REPRODUCTIVE ADAMANTINE SINCE RECURRING IS BETTER! Usually I my train of though is "extracts with less reactions are for recurring"

I hope you learned something useful from this list, thanks for reading! Smile


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