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Rushing spare: A basic tideing guide
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This guide is useful for all jobs and is mostly aimed for the beginner to SS13, since any good veteran should know how to hack

(I was having issues formatting this correctly so it might look werid)

Part 1. The way to all access

First grab insulated, (not budget ones) they can be gotten from YouTools or engineering if for some reason you can't find them.

Then grab tools, importantly the screwdriver, crowbar, and a multitool

Next go to an airlock screwdriver it to expose the wires and start pulseing (with mutitool in hand) wires till you see the test light off.

REMEMBER THIS WIRE as if you crowbar the door, it opens! Finding the bolts wire is also good in case you need in/out of a bolted door.

(Note that wires each round are randomized so round will have the same wires)

Now with the test wire known get into bridge and use the multi tool on the fire axe case. Wait for the light to turn green on the case and take the axe out.

Once in Quarters you should disassemble the table marked in the picture get into the airlock behind it.

Now that your in the room with the locker you maybe wondering, "How do i open it?"
The answer? Use the fire axe (wielded) and smash it open!

Part 2. after opened locker

"So what now? i got the spare lets just leave!" Hold on there now, we ain't done yet.

After the locker is opened you should REALLY get your id to have all access too, since carrying the spare is a good way to get robbed
To do this put your id and the spare in the id console and either

A. change job to captain (by clicking your job title and clicking captain), then changing it to custom and putting in your job to hide the fact you have all access


B. Clicking on each place to give you access there.

Now that you have all access, go raid armory set up power and enjoy all access!
Tristan Shark IC for the SS13 server
Thanks given by: BlueFoot
(12-22-2019, 04:10)Adepressedpyroshark Wrote: Now that you have all access, go raid armory set up power and enjoy all access!

haha, niice
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